• Κωδικός Προϊόντος: SDY-94180
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • HORUSDY SDY-94180
  • 45,00€

This ۴۶-piece set is made to get the job done. With superior quality material and easy grip handles, you can get it done reliably with this super practical tool set. Easily stowed with compact 
 size, you can de-clutter your work space and be that much more productive.
Stubby Wrench & Socket Set
۴۶ pieces included
Superior quality
Dual material easy grip handles
Ratchet function with dual sockets
Features most tools required for DIY jobs
Package contents:
۱ x Ratcheting Bit Driver
۱ x ۶″ Stubby Adjustable Wrench
۱ x ۱/۴″ and ۳/۸″ Drive ratchet
۱ x ۱/۴″ Bit Adapter
۱۸ x ۱/۴″ Drive Sockets (۵/۳۲″,۳/۱۶″,۷/۳۲″,۱/۴″,۹/۳۲″,۵/۱۶″,۱۱/۳۲″,۳/۸″,۷/۱۶″) +(۴,۵,۶,۷,۸,۹,۱۰,۱۱,۱۲ mm)
۴ x ۳/۸″ Drive Sockets (۱/۲″,۹/۱۶″) + (۱۳,۱۴ mm)
۲۰ x Screwdriver Bits

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